ServerPilot settings

Go to Servers > [select server] > Settings and make sure "Deny Requests for Unknown Domains" is not checked. This will allow user domains for loyalty programs to route correctly.

ServerPilot - Settings

API keys

In order to automatically create SSL certificates for loyalty program urls, you need to get the ServerPilot API keys. You will need these later when you configure the script.

Client ID and API Key

Find these at Account > Settings > API. Click the "New API Key" button to generate a new key.

App ID

Find your ServerPilot App ID by going to Servers > [select server] > Apps > [select app]. In the browser address bar you will see a url like In this case "BNDATf0tMsjCAX03" is the App ID.

ServerPilot - App ID

Save the above credentials for later use and proceed with the next step.