Make sure you meet the requirements.

Quick installation

Upload all files from the Zip file's public directory to your webroot, and navigate to the url in your browser. You will see the installation form.

Make sure you install on a top level (, example.test) or sub domain (, loyalty.example.test). Do not use localhost like but configure a host like loyalty.test.

Recommended installation

These steps will guide you through installing this script on DigitalOcean and ServerPilot.

  1. Create a Droplet (VPS) with Digital Ocean
  2. Connect server to ServerPilot account
  3. Create a ServerPilot app
  4. Configure ServerPilot
  5. Set up Mailgun
  6. Create a Pusher app
  7. Upload the script
  8. Configure the script
  9. Install script
  10. Configure CRON tabs
  11. Log in to your dashboard

Custom installation

If you are fine managing SSL and e-mail manually, and you are comfortable with VPS command line access and webserver installation, you can follow these steps and leave the Serverpilot configuration empty:

  1. Create a Pusher app
  2. Upload the script
  3. Configure the script
  4. Install script
  5. Configure CRON tabs
  6. Log in to your dashboard